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The Board of Directors meets the fourth Thursday of each month at 3:00, unless otherwise noted. Meetings are held at our resource center at 2301 Balls Ferry Rd., Anderson, CA 96007.  Members of the public may be heard on any business item on the Board’s Agenda. A person addressing the Board will be limited to five (5) minutes unless the chairperson of the Board grants a longer period of time. The Board will only allow comments by members of the public on an item that appears on the Agenda during consideration of the item. We would appreciate it if you would identify yourself with your name when addressing the Board.

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Mike McMaster works full time for Shasta County. He builds and maintains communication systems; data, voice, fiber optic, and wireless point to point. He works part-time for Tehama County as a Juvenile Probation Officer/Corrections.  When not at “work”, Mike enjoys officiating basketball and volleyball. His hobbies include real estate investments and reading.
Mike has served Lewiston School, in Trinity County, as a board member for 14 years.  He is thrilled and excited to be involved with Northern Summit Academy-Shasta.  Mike's words to live by in life are Accountability, Dependability, and Reliability.  He loves challenges. 

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Dawn Allan grew up in upstate New York at the Canadian border.  She worked for the airlines for 20 years, 15 of which were as a supervisor.  Dawn currently works as a respite worker for children with special needs.  Dawn is the mother of 3 children, one of whom is currently a student at NSA-Shasta.  Dawn contributes her experience as a supervisor and labor situations as well as her experience working with special needs children.  Dawn also contributes as a parent of a current NSA student.

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Bill is a Shasta County resident and a resident of the sponsoring school district.  He graduated from St. Francis High School, La Canada, CA and attended community college at Glendale College, Glendale CA.  Bill was part of the US Navy Submarine Service.  Bill and his wife raised 17 children, a combination of biological and adopted.  Bill retired from Safeway Corp. after over 30 years with the company.  Bill is currently a licensed realtor for the state of CA.  He also runs a non profit for animal rescue, Special Kay Rescue and Sanctuary.

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